Get the most of your sit-stand desk!

How to use your desk

Creativity, contentment and well-being are decisive for the quality of your work. A comfortable, ergonomically correct workstation is the ideal basis for being productive in the modern world. You need a workstation where you can sit and stand, and get exercise and well-being while you are at work. And physically active employees are smarter, more productive and learn faster.

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It is clear sitting all day is deadly. Installing standing desks for your staff will ensure you not only make them more productive, but healthier too.

Documents to Download

Use your desk
Get the most of using your sit stand desk my incorporating some exercise into your working day. Download this brochure for some exercise ideas. 

Made to Move Ergonomics
Our bodies were never made to sit all day. Standing desks are a great way to encourage movement from your staff throughout the day. 
  Control room and Call Centres
Control rooms and call centres are the perfect places to install standing desks because the desk can be shared by two or more people.