When Bent Jensen took charge of the family business in 1976, he had a clear mission - to use his training in mechanical engineering to develop products that improve lives. In 1979, LINAK’s first linear actuator was born; an electric device that allows heavy objects to be lifted safely, quietly and with precise control.

Based in Guderup, Denmark, LINAK is now an international company and world leader in linear actuator design and manufacturing. Their electric actuators have been incorporated in a range of innovative products, revolutionising healthcare, office and industrial ergonomics, and improving lives around the world.

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Electric height adjustable desks

For more than a decade one of LINAK’s main focus areas has been the office desk market. Through the years LINAK has launched a wide range of motor systems dedicated to office desks, working in close partnership with leading desk manufacturers to improve office ergonomics and meet the demands of modern dynamic work environments. At the same time, LINAK has achieved extensive market information - information that keeps them in the lead when it comes to developing new innovative desk solutions that tick all the boxes in design, construction, norms and standards with which office desks must comply.


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  • Innovative design
  • Widest product programme on the market
  • Plug-and-play’ simplicity (true systems where everything fits)
  • PIEZO anti-collision technology
  • PVC-free products (environmentally friendly)
  • Low sound level