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When Bent Jensen took charge of the family business in 1976, he had a clear mission - to use his training in mechanical engineering to develop products that improve lives. In 1979, LINAK’s first linear actuator was born; an electric device that allows heavy objects to be lifted safely, quietly and with precise control.

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Benefits of Sit Stand Desks

Breakfast, getting to work, at work, getting home, dinner, relaxing before bed. Even if you bookend your day with exercise, chances are your sit-to-stand ratio is heavily tipped towards the sitting side of the equation.

Now I want you to think about the biggest chunk of time you spend sitting. Yep, it’s at your desk during work hours. 7 hours a day, maybe more. That’s a big piece of your sitting pie right there. It’s no wonder then that sit-stand desks are becoming standard issue in new offices throughout Australia. The health and happiness benefits of electric height adjustable desks are clear. Better circulation and cardiovascular health, less stress on your back and joints, less muscular tension.

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